Jo Kane celebrates ‘pension year’ entry with family by her side

Despite there being over 200 days to go until the 2020 Kathmandu Coast to Coast, the banter is ramping up amongst the Kane family, who will line up in a 3-person relay team, 33 years after mum Jo first took on the iconic multisport event.

It will be the 9th time Jo has competed in the event, the third time for daughter Brodie, a local radio personality on The Hits Canterbury, and the first time for son AJ, a stay at home dad.

‘AJ said the other day that he won’t be wearing bike shorts or lycra, but both Brodie and I said, haha, yes you will!’ said Jo.

‘And my wee grand kids were baiting me, asking what was I going to do when I fell out of the kayak?'

After crossing the finish line for the 8th time as part of a two-person team with Brodie back in 2007, Jo thought that it would be her last. But with the three-person relay category introduced since, the chance to compete alongside both her two kids was too good to turn down. ‘I can’t run because of my knees anymore and I don’t really want to bike that far either, but I really enjoy kayaking and I really want to do the race.'

‘I think the three-person team is a fantastic category and really caters for anyone to be able to be part of the fun.’

'I thought it would be a really nice thing to do as a family alongside both Brodie and AJ.’

Having swum the Cook Straight to celebrate her 40th birthday, an adventure like the Coast to Coast seemed like the perfect tonic to cheer in her ‘pension year’ too. ‘I’m kind of using it as a bit of motivation too,’ Jo added.

While the banter has been flying about within the tight knit family, some of the old photos have surfaced and made for good ribbing material. ‘It’s crazy to look back, look at the shorts or the t-shirts we were wearing back then (1987-88 and 89). I think I was even wearing a bum bag in one of those years,’ said Jo.

Jo says that while she has a clear understanding of the adventure she’s signed up for, there’s still plenty of challenges to get her excited. ‘It’s been great so far, I’ll be going back to get my grade 2 kayak certificate, so that’ll be fun. I don’t think I’ve been down the Waimak with a rudder before either!' she laughed.

'I just hope there’s some etiquette in the river, you know ladies first and respect your elders! Haha,' Jo added.

Just like last year Brodie will take on the Mountain Run, while older brother AJ has been charged with getting the family off to a good start in the 1st bike leg from Kumara Beach to Aitkens corner and bringing them home in the final ride from the Waimakariri Gorge to New Brighton beach.

‘I can’t wait,’ said Brodie. 'I thought I wasn’t coming back this year, but when Elton John changed his concert dates, I couldn’t wait to come back, and it’ll be really fun having AJ involved too,’ she added.