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Guy Brady NZ 3 person team

021 664 805 I am an above average cyclist looking for team members for 3 person team - I have won the Wanaka Ironman teams event and am sure I can do the short run and bike legs.
Andy Smith NZ 2 or 3 person team

021 548 724 I am a cyclist and runner looking for a team mate/s to do the two or three person team event.
Logan Austin NZ 3 person team

027 819 7282 I am a runner looking for team mates to do the three person team event - need a cyclist and kayaker
Tom Steel NZ 2 person team

020 406 44946 I am a mountain runner and road bikers looking for a team mates to do the kayak.
Derek Kerr AUS 2 person team

+61459511188 I am based in Bondi, Sydney and looking for anyone doing the one or two day event to train with.
Kate Chapman Zander NZ 2 or 3 person team 

021 02838561

Happy to do all or some legs but don't have a kayak. Would love to do the mtn run and one bike section. So looking for a cyclist/kayaker teammate Female, 30 and mostly competitive. 1st C2C but I've done numerous tris, adv races, orienteering and other missions.






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