Timing Transponders

You will be issued with your transponder at Race Registration - see details of what to expect below

Attachment of the Timing Transponder

Transponder1 Transponder2
1. The timing transponder and ankle strap may be supplied separately. 2. Thread the strap through the timing transponder like a watch strap.
Transponder3 Transponder4
3. Move the timing transponder towards the buckle end of the strap. 4. Loop the strap through the buckle and attach to either ankle. 

Do not wear the transponder on your wrist, bike handlebars or in your backpack. Exchange your timing transponder at the finish line at New Brighton Beach to receive your finisher's medal.

If you lose your timing transponder please see the timekeepers at the next transition or finish line to get a new transponder and ensure your times are accurately recorded. Failure to return a timing transponder will result in a NZ$150 replacement charge.