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February 7-8 2020

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The Longest Day

The Longest Day competition is the World Multisport Championship race. Covering the same course as the two-day event but with the entire 243km course covered in one day. This is the ultimate challenge and requires not only good fitness and skills but a good dose of mental fortitude.

Two Day Event

The two-day event comprises of individual, two person and three person team categories, covering the same course as the Longest Day but with the competition split into two days. Competitors spend the night at Klondyke Corner where the Mountain Run stage finishes and depart the following morning on the short cycle to the Kayak stage. The Two Day race is achievable by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and a can do attitude. The Two Day categories also include sections for schools, family and corporate entries.

Two Day Tandem

Teams of two complete the entire course together over the Two Day format. Competitors bike and run in close proximity and paddle supplied double kayaks before riding together to the finish. Tandem kayaks are stable and fast. This section is ideal for those who are reluctant to paddle or run solo, or for those who just wish to share the journey with someone else.

Mountain Run

Tackle the infamous Mountain run section. This 30.5km run is entirely off road and relies as much on co-ordination over rough ground as it does speed and strength. Follow the river bed up the Deception Valley to the high point at Goat Pass – from here it is downhill on a mixture of board walks and trails to the finish at Klondyke Corner.

Training Advice

Remember the Coast to Coast is a race that will reward you just as much for time spent honing your skills as it will for pure fitness. Look here for information on guided Mountain runs and coaching services - what you need to know and think about to get yourself to the start line in the best possible shape.

First Timers

If you’re a first time competitor there is a lot of information to take in. Don’t be overwhelmed, check out the handbook specific to the event you are planning on competing in. These have all the information you need to make a plan to get you to the start line for next year's event. Remember the race is only a small part of a journey that starts with the decision to sign up and take on the challenge.

Grade 2 Kayaking Information

Check out all the requirements for the kayaking section. This is a stunning part of the event and with the right training and equipment you can set yourself up to experience this magical part of the course.