First Timers

Steps to take

1. Sign up for a Kayak Course

If you want to do the whole event as an individual, or be the team kayaker you’ll need a CTC Grade 2 Kayaking Skills Certificate.

Click here for the certification process and list of instructors.

In 2015, we introduced a new Tandem section where competitors paddled in supplied double kayaks. This section will be available for competing in 2017. One team member will require a Grade 2 Certificate; the other need only complete the “River Safety Skills” section of the certificate.

Click here to download a copy of the Grade 2 Kayaking Skills Certificate.

The kayak section should be one of the highlights of the race but it needs to be taken seriously. Make sure you choose a kayak you are really stable in and do plenty of time on the river. Everyone has the odd swim now and then but if you are heading off on the kayak leg expecting a swim then you need a more stable boat and some more skill practice. With the right combination the kayak leg will be one of the highlights of the race. Any questions please contact us and we will put you in touch with the water safety team.

2. Find a Team Mate

If you enter the two or three person teams section, you can either find your own teammate (one team member does the first cycle and the kayak stage, the other the mountain run and the last cycle stage) or teammates (one team member does each discipline) or click here to find a teammate.

3. Enter the Coast to Coast

The Website will have the dates for entries opening each year. Entries are limited to 800 runners through the Mountain run – this equates to between 1050-1200 competitors in total depending on the make up of teams. 

We highly recommend that new entrants compete in the Two Day event before tackling the One Day World Championship event. It is not called the Longest Day for nothing. The time cut-offs are very tight and as a reference you should be able to complete the Two Day race in under 15 1/2 hours. The Two Day event is the heart and soul of the race and a magic experience - find out what you're in for first up and don't have the disappointment of a being unable to finish the event due to a time restriction. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

There are 60 double kayaks available for the Tandem section.

4. Download the Latest Handbook

The Handbook for the next race are now available online. Everything you need to know is in them. Make sure you download the handbook specific to your event and check back for any updates just prior to the race.

5. Start training and enter a few local events

Check the Coast to Coast Facebook site for events listing, nutrition notes and other useful stuff. We'll also send out items in the monthly updates. See the TEAM CP page for training programs specific to the event.

Check out our event partner TEAM CP for ideas around training and group sessions in Canterbury. 

Use our Facebook page to find training partners or organise trips with other competitors through the course or training sessions closer to home.

6. Find a Training Partner

To find a training partner, post your details on our Facebook page.

7. Sign up for a guided Mountain Run

For guided mountain runs click here.

All mountain guide operators are required to have the appropriate DOC consents - click here for details

For more details about training on the Mountain Run section click here

8. Find support crew

If you’re an international competitor, you may be able to find an enthusiastic local to help you - click here to find a support crew.

We also have a number of providers who offer full logistics for the race, they can arrange everything from flights and accommodation to kayak and bike rental and support crew – check them out in the Travel and Accommodation section.

9. Watch these transition tips by Team CP

Transition 1 - Run to Bike

Transition 2 - Bike to Mountain Run

Transition 3 - Mountain Run to Bike (Longest Day only)

Transition 4 - Bike to Kayak

Transition 5 - Kayak to final Bike

Course Maps

The Course The Course
Transitions & Routes Transitions & Routes

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