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TEAM CP - SUPPORT CREW PACKAGES. The crew at Team CP are offering support packages to help make your race seamless.  They have a few options available that range from a bag drop budget option through to their premium service that includes everything that you will need from food, accommodation, gear hire and transport so all you need to focus on is having an awesome adventure achieving your race goals. Check out their website for further details or contact Richard at Team CP today to discuss your needs. 

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Dave Fielding


First timer doing the tandem 2 day course in 2019 with a good friend. We're travelling over from Aus with our wives and young families. As the ladies will have their hands full with the kids, we were hoping to get some bag drop support from any locals...happy to pay for some support. Thanks  +61426841470 
Jonny Attia I'm a Brit coming over from Aus. with a friend, doing to individual together. My wife will be joining but with a 3 month old (due 8 weeks from now!), her hands will be full. It would be great if we can get some support on the day, that would be amazing! Being my first time, I'm still not exactly sure what we need, but we're happy to pay for help with bags/bike movement. +61428906485 
Ian Waddams 2 Day individual looking for bag drop support  02102942758 

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