The key element to successfully complete the Kathmandu Coast to Coast is planning and being organised.  This will help you feel more relaxed on the start line and give you a greater chance of getting there.
As soon as you have entered make a list for all of the things that you need to do using the resources on our website as a great starting point.  

Key elements of your list could be...
1.    What gear do you need gear - a bike, kayak a helmet, paddle etc
2.    What skills do you need - grade 2 cert for the kayak, bunch riding skills, trail running etc
3.    What shape are you in - get strong, flexible and fit - how am i going to organise my training
4.    Nutrition - do you need to loose weight, get healthy or learn about sports nutrition?
5.    Plan some adventures - put some dates on the calendar to go paddling, cycling and adventures into the hills
6.    Life Balance - plan to ensure that you keep your work/family/training balance in check
7.    Support crew and who might be with you on race day

We have partnered with Coast to Coast specialists Team CP to help you to get organised and answer some of these questions.  They have a range options that include a plan to follow through to a 1:1 coaching service.

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