Corporate Challenge

Have you ever wondered why the “team that sweats together also works best together”?  Maybe it’s the shared experience of goal-setting? The time spent training together out of the office?  The engagement of the entire team as participants, sponsors, supporters?  The joint celebration of sweet success, or simply getting to the finish line? 

The team that sweats together works best together! We guarantee it!

 So how about sharing ‘some sweat’ together at next year’s Coast to Coast?

The world famous event has been going for over 32 years; it’s unique – crossing a country in a day (or two days) and it’s a ‘Rite of Passage’ for many active New Zealanders, and we’re keen to see more businesses up for the challenge…. So we’ve got a new Corporate Challenge.

 What’s involved?

  • Do it as a three person team with one person doing the run, bike and kayak legs.
  • Two of the team members must be employed and working at the same company.
  • That leaves room for a ‘ring in’ if needed – hey, we may even be able to help you out with that, but we’d better add that Richard Ussher will probably be a bit busy on the day!
  • What about doing it for a charity or good cause?

What’s in it for you (the business)?

  • For starters there’s the above mentioned ‘team that sweats together also works best together’ theory!
  • Plus all the benefits of great exercise and goal setting and achieving stuff! And knocking the event off your bucket list!
  • And you could get the satisfaction of challenging other business colleagues and clients… and beating them on the day…
  • But wait, there’s more; the winning corporate team will be in line for some great prizes and the brand spanking new very flash Corporate Team Challenge trophy that will look great at reception and of course bragging rights for twelve months! 
  • Coast to Coast can also arrange for someone motivational to come along and give the team a talk about their preparation, training, logistics and generally just fire them up a bit - all you need to do is enter and drop us a note on to arrange

 So, what are you waiting for? Get some work mates together and enter today.