The Coast to Coast is the brain child of Robin Judkins. In 1982, along with 11 mates he pioneered the same 243km course which is used today. The first official race was held less than a year later on February 26 and 27, 1983. Judkins had planned for a field of 35 but was surprised when 79 entries were received.

The look and feel of the race was considerably more relaxed than today. One of the bikes even had a baby seat and there was a kayak made of canvas.

In 1984 the field grew to 139 competitors and a year later entries leapt to 320. The Speight’s Coast to Coast had arrived.

The race began attracting vast publicity and this media attention continues to this day. Winning the Coast to Coast has become a hugely prestigious achievement.

In 1987 Robin Judkins introduced “The Longest Day”, a one day version of the race designed to keep the elite multisport athletes motivated and inspired.

As the organiser and competitors work towards the next event, the race (like its founder) shows no signs of slowing down.

In May 2013 Robin Judkins sold the Coast to Coast to Queenstown based Trojan Holdings. Robin Judkins continues as Race Ambassador, and will be around to fire competitors up, and at the finish to congratulate them on their amazing effort.