Become a Volunteer

The Coast to Coast is staffed by a highly-skilled, dedicated team of volunteers who come from many parts of New Zealand and even from Australia to be part of this exciting event.

Volunteer staff are involved in every aspect of the Coast to Coast, from collating race packs, to greeting competitors at registration, to handing out prizes - and everything in between!
For four days, this tight-knit team works towards one goal - to make the Coast to Coast the best event ever! Friendships rekindle as experienced volunteers meet again at the event, whilst new friendships are born as the first-time volunteers join the team.

Why you should volunteer

  • Learning new skills
  • Meeting people from all walks of life
  • Participating in an event that you have an interest in
  • Interaction with people from many professions
  • Experiencing new challenges
  • Making new friends 
  • Building your confidence

As a volunteer, you will receive:

  • Sponsors' product (alcohol is restricted to those aged 18 or over) 
  • Meals and/or snacks on the days you are working 
  • Insurance cover 
  • Accommodation (depending on location) 
  • Transport allowance (depending on location)

Responsibilities and Duties

At the Coast to Coast, volunteer teams will be made up of the following:

Logistics and Pre-Event Race Pack Collation Accuracy is essential
Mountain Safety You must meet an approved skill and experience level and be approved by the Mountain Safety Manager.
River Safety You must meet an approved skill and experience level and be approved by the River Safety Manager.
Timekeeping You need to be good with numbers
Traffic Control You may need to attend a one-day course to gain a qualification in Temporary Traffic Management.
Finish Line Drinks, Banners, Registration and Prizegiving Good people skills are required
Kathmandu Cheer Squad Enthusiastic, motivated, vocal!

Time Commitment

It is important that the time you commit to the event fits into your plans. When making your decision as to when you are available, please give consideration to what days are suitable and how many hours you want to give. This will ensure that you do not overcommit your free time.
A minimum of three days will generally be required by all volunteers to participate. However, depending on what area you are allocated this may decrease to only one day (usually the Saturday). A commitment of your time is required to ensure the success of the area you will be assigned to.

Selection Process

You must first register to be a volunteer at the Coast to Coast.  Once the volunteer registration form is received, your application is processed and a letter of acknowledgment sent with further information requests if required. You may be invited to attend an interview in Christchurch.

Once we have completed an evaluation and a position has been assigned, a letter will be sent advising you of:

  • your assigned position
  • a role description detailing your day-to-day duties
  • training and briefing sessions
  • where to attend for registration.

Volunteer Conditions of Application

  • All volunteers must be over the age of 18 and should have a current driver's licence.
  • In accordance with changes to government legislation and the need to continually improve security and OHS requirements, your application may be subject to assessments on your abilities to safely and efficiently carry out your assigned task.
  • The role you are given as a volunteer will be based on your availability, areas of expertise and your preferred areas of work. While we will always endeavor to place you in a position that suits your experience and preferences, only limited places are available so you may not always get your first choice. Volunteers generally use their own cars on the days they are working.